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Awesomeness!!  by Vegetalover16 Awesomeness!! :iconvegetalover16:Vegetalover16 1 6 Me!  by Vegetalover16 Me! :iconvegetalover16:Vegetalover16 2 5 Lona Kishori by Vegetalover16 Lona Kishori :iconvegetalover16:Vegetalover16 2 0 Yang Xiao Long - RWBY (MMD) by Vegetalover16 Yang Xiao Long - RWBY (MMD) :iconvegetalover16:Vegetalover16 8 0 Senpai's Valentine by Vegetalover16 Senpai's Valentine :iconvegetalover16:Vegetalover16 3 5 Prince by Vegetalover16 Prince :iconvegetalover16:Vegetalover16 1 1 Shadow by Vegetalover16 Shadow :iconvegetalover16:Vegetalover16 2 1 Another manga me (warrior) by Vegetalover16 Another manga me (warrior) :iconvegetalover16:Vegetalover16 1 0 Another Manga Me! ^^ by Vegetalover16 Another Manga Me! ^^ :iconvegetalover16:Vegetalover16 1 0 Manga Me! ^^ by Vegetalover16 Manga Me! ^^ :iconvegetalover16:Vegetalover16 2 1 Sunset at my house by Vegetalover16 Sunset at my house :iconvegetalover16:Vegetalover16 3 0 Image by Vegetalover16 Image :iconvegetalover16:Vegetalover16 2 0 Image by Vegetalover16 Image :iconvegetalover16:Vegetalover16 1 0 McKayla the Hedgehog by Vegetalover16 McKayla the Hedgehog :iconvegetalover16:Vegetalover16 1 0 Elsa And Anna by Vegetalover16 Elsa And Anna :iconvegetalover16:Vegetalover16 1 0


True Love [Sebastian x Reader]
“Ah, how soft and silky your hair is, my beloved.”
You looked up at him, your mesmerizing eyes sparkling in the soft candlelight flickering behind him. Slowly, the tips of his fingers traced the line of your spine. Shivers traveled up your back at his delicate touch.
“What’s this? Do you like that?” he said with a smile. He continued his gentle caresses.
With a satisfied exhale, you rested your cheek against his chest, yearning for more.
“Mmm, so affectionate and sweet. Sweet, little creatures like yourself never cease to capture my heart.”
The pads of his fingers slid through your desirable tresses on the top of your hair, down your back. It was all too much for you. You couldn’t contain your feelings any longer.
So, at last, a small, continuous vibration encircled the base of your throat.
And then you started to purr.
And purr.
His heart swelled at the sound. Crimson eyes sparkling like rubies, he picked you up and held you close to his
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 241 100
Sonic's #1 life lesson
Sonic through the past couple years I've been a fan of him, he's taught so many life lessons but there is one that stood out that hardly anyone noticed, this is a really BIG LIFE LESSON we all should know, I've noticed that through out the games and TV shows that Sonic has lost most  of his friends  he has encountered on his journeys.
He's lost so many that they sometimes came to the point of being strangers, some just drifted apart while others were just there to give him company while on his journey of life.
Even though life may seem short, You should still enjoy every little moment around those you love and care about because one day...... you might have to say goodbye.
:iconshadow45790:shadow45790 1 2
Just Be yourself no matter what
They tell you to just be yourself and love whatever you want but they still judge you, whether it be family or strangers, friends or enemies, but don’t let them get in the way, just keep on being yourself whether you wear a hat with your favourite video game/ cartoon character on it, sleep with plushies, bring things like action figures on vacation in case you go stay at a hotel and you get bored,even if you feel safe in your room with a lot of drawings or pictures of your favourite things on the wall, please don’t ever stop being your self.
The only person you can be is your self in this world. Others may try to change you, don’t let them.
Some things may sound childish to others, just be your self and love your self.
:iconshadow45790:shadow45790 2 4
Zack stock 7 by da-toss-stock Zack stock 7 :iconda-toss-stock:da-toss-stock 416 91 .:like an angel:. by WhiteSpiritWolf .:like an angel:. :iconwhitespiritwolf:WhiteSpiritWolf 9,730 263
Any Character x Fictophilia! Reader
Your life was a struggle. And it wasn't because of things one would normally expect. Money? No. Bulling? Doesn't happen enough to impact your life. Disease? Hopefully not.
Fictophilia. A love condition in which makes you fall in love with characters of fiction instead of real people.
You couldn't really tell anybody, either. Who would believe you? Who wouldn't tell you to get a life? Would there be anybody who would think you are not joking?
This was your struggle. No, you are not one of those extreme fangirls like Urban Dictionary describes. This was actual love interest, not obsession.
You searched through your phone for your saved fanfictions. That's what you always did when you felt a bit lonely, with all of your friends blabbing about their girlfriend/boyfriend. You didn't think it was very fair that you had to keep your love interest a secret, but you dealt. You always decided to mind your own business.
You have your life, they have theirs, no matter the difference.
You sighed
:icondarkwolf619:DarkWolf619 27 87
Day 17: Joltik by DragonFruitJuice Day 17: Joltik :icondragonfruitjuice:DragonFruitJuice 3 1 [SonicRMS]: The door.. by Meggie-Meg [SonicRMS]: The door.. :iconmeggie-meg:Meggie-Meg 112 25 Shadow's Smile by InvaderSkittles432 Shadow's Smile :iconinvaderskittles432:InvaderSkittles432 12 17 Sonic's Down Time by InvaderSkittles432 Sonic's Down Time :iconinvaderskittles432:InvaderSkittles432 17 11 Daydreamer by InvaderSkittles432 Daydreamer :iconinvaderskittles432:InvaderSkittles432 14 7 Sleeping Echidna by InvaderSkittles432 Sleeping Echidna :iconinvaderskittles432:InvaderSkittles432 21 12 Contemplative Princess by InvaderSkittles432 Contemplative Princess :iconinvaderskittles432:InvaderSkittles432 10 7 Cute Flirt by InvaderSkittles432 Cute Flirt :iconinvaderskittles432:InvaderSkittles432 12 9 Sylveon by InvaderSkittles432 Sylveon :iconinvaderskittles432:InvaderSkittles432 15 20 Glaceon by InvaderSkittles432 Glaceon :iconinvaderskittles432:InvaderSkittles432 11 31


Omg, I'm so happy I got all these books today! Thx so much mom 4 letting me get all this w/ my card! Can't wait 2 read em all! 😍😍😍☺️☺️☺️

##happy ##photo ##books ##booklover ##bookaholic ##bookaddict ##excitement ##livinglife ##summerreading ##summer2017 ##summerfun ##geekgirl ##toomuchhashtags

Filename by Vegetalover16
Check it out y'all! I got some awesome kh chains (INCLUDING AXEL, MY BAE!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍), a kh game, dragon ball game, & a couple of PS4 games! Can't wait 2 try these bad boys out! 😁☺️
Just got blue streaks & curls! What do y'all think? 😄
Lona Kishori
This is my DC Universe Online character! 😄

Her name is Lona Kishori (haven't thought of a last name yet 😅) she's a hero & her mentor is Wonder Woman. Her power is ice & she has the ability of flight. She's loves 2 brawl & she's very flirty.
Yang Xiao Long - RWBY (MMD)
Just something I did last year on MMD. Hope y'all like it! 😄

I don't own the model that I used, I found it. I would credit the person, but I forgot who it was...😅 I'll have 2 see about it...

Anyway, hope y'all have a good day/night & God Bless! 😁✌🏻️
Hey everyone,

I'm SOO very sorry for all the inactivity on here, it's been crazy....especially lately, and I just couldn't catch a if y'all were wondering why I kinda disappeared from here, y'all know now....but it's finally calmed down 'a little', so hopefully I'll be more active on all my stuff, especially here on DA.... Anyway, the first thing I wanna say is I finally got a computer (*cue music* Singing HALLELUJAH!! Lol) as well as a wireless printer! :D (Big Grin)  So I'm VERY happy about that and hopefully I'll get back to making music videos on youtube soon. Speaking of youtube, I'm a little bit more active on there now and hopefully I'll be making my channel a gaming channel, too, since I recently got a playstation 4! (YEEESSSS!!!! :squee: Boogie! Headbang!) Lol. Another thing I wanna talk about is my stories. I hadn't been able to write any stories lately because of all that has happened....but hopefully I'll get back to my writing. And about the stories that I HAVE done and still making, they're still on my wattpad account and I'm planning on adding them here on DA, so whenever I can I will post my stories on here. And if y'all would like to talk to me other than here on DA; I have Kik, Skype, Instagram, and Facebook. (just pm me on here first, please, because one of my apps has a different username than the rest) And y'all can talk to me on playstation, too, if you want. (same thing, pm me about it) Anyway, I guess that's it for this LONG update and I hope y'all have a great Valentines day! Especially to my boyfriend! (SasukeTheCathog17 on youtube and DA! ^^) I LOVE MY BF!! Glomp! Here's a kiss for you, my love!Meow :3 Love Heart 

GOD BLESS!! w00t! Hug :D (Big Grin) 
  • Listening to: Fight - All Good Things (Nightcore Version)
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  • Playing: Youtube on PS4, lol
  • Drinking: Pepsi (only drink I have at the moment, lol)


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I'm 17 & I have a youtube channel called Vegetalover16. I'm also on Instagram, Facebook, & Wattpad. (& everything has the same name as this 1, so y'all won't have any trouble.) & if anyone wants 2 ask me or talk 2 me about anything, u can. (U can message me here, or on Skype, or KIK. My Skype is the same name, but my KIK is Vegetalover15.) 😁 God Bless everyone! & thx 4 visiting my page! 😁✌🏻


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